Welcome to A.A.

Hi! I’m Shan, a 27-year-old writer from Ocala, FL.

In 2016, I suddenly began experiencing chest tightness, shortness of breathe, random fears, and racing thoughts. I looked to almost every public medical professional in the city to find answers, and they would all say the same thing: you are experiencing anxiety. Repeated, I was left wondering things like “What does anxiety have to do with the fact that my chest hurts?” or “I felt completely fine before this happened. Are you sure you’re not missing anything?”

They weren’t. Four years later, and I’ve manage to get my panic attacks under control and mitigate all of the symptoms I was experiencing.

I’m writing this blog to share major tips and revelations I’ve compiled throughout my journey, and occasionally, I will reach out to readers for their input with the goal of crowd sources information from my own community while silmultaneously letting people know they are not alone.

Visit my blog!

Disclaimer: Shan is not a therapist or physician. All of her advice and tips come from her experience as a patient and a novice-level, compulsive Googler.

Intro Comic

Art by Creative Attribute

Written by Shan

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